Benefit of Pack Walking

Pack walks have multiple benefits: helping with socialization, instilling good behavior and increasing exercise — and that’s just for the owners! Here are our tips for getting the most out of the experience.

It’s best to start them off young. The first 14 weeks of a dog’s life is the most important time for social development in a puppy, and this early exposure makes dogs smarter and easier to train.

Group walks are a great way for dogs to experience strangers and strange dogs in a safe environment.  Experiencing new sights, sounds and smells is crucial in developing a dog’s ability to handle new situations. It desensitizes them to noise and distraction and helps them stay calm in crowded streets, or with other dogs.

Dogs that have been socialized young respond better to communication cues and have better social skills and like children, will learn from watching others. At group walks, they can benefit from seeing other dogs modeling sensible behavior and as the dog grows in confidence.

 In a pack environment dogs get the reassurance and validation they need to grow into confident adults, and owners can meet like-minded people and learn new ways to train their dog and handle them correctly.  It’s also great exercise. Group walks can drain a dog’s restless energy and keep them mentally and physically fit. It’s also intellectually stimulating for the dog to meet different types of dogs and people.