The majority of our members choose us because they want their dogs to socialize and exercise while being supervised by knowledgeable and caring professionals. After all, it is not easy to TRUST your furry kids with anyone. TRUST is one of our core values. We put a lot of thought and effort into building a relationship of trust with each and all of our members - both dogs and humans.

We believe that establishing a relationship of trust and respect is a fundamental key to working with dogs. When dogs see you as a good leader who can protect them and help them feel safe, they will surrender, relax and be in their best estate of mind: follower. 

The first step to building a relationship of trust is to understand how dogs communicate and how we, humans, should translate our needs in a way that dogs will understand and respond to. For many years, I've  studied, observed, and tested many techniques to improve human-dog communication and I've found that every dog is different. My conclusion is that obedience training alone wasn’t enough. There is not one single approach that will guarantee perfect results for every single dog. Therefore, I developed a methodology that combines the laws of mother nature, human and animal psychology, and positive reinforcement with consequence therapy. Our pack leader is trained to have a repertoire of different methods and tools that will help us better connect with each individual dog.

Overall, we mix positive reinforcement with consequence therapy to ensure that they learn the boundaries and social skills needed to succeed in a pack. We do NOT believe or use any methodology that will hurt or abuse dogs. We are animal lovers and everything we do is thought out to ensure all pups and humans are safe, comfortable, and fulfilled.